Sabaton events are full of energy, good cheery, and energy. The band plays a lively show and are clearly having fun with their fans. They interact with each other and the audience and often spur the audience to have a great time. The band often starts their shows with Ghost Division which always kicks the energy into top gear and end their shows with To Hell and Back.

As for the fans themselves, there’s always a lot of fun and humor that comes back and forth from the fans. For instance, German crowds often shouts “noch ein bier!” (another beer) and then Joakim has to drink a beer. While in The Netherlans they often get a band member to take off their pants and wear it on their head. And during the finale, the crowd frequently sits down on the ground and makes rowing motions as if steering a viking ship. So Sabaton events are some of th liveliest and most interactive concerts around.

May 2024