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Sabaton Concert Locations

Sabaton has been on the touring scene for nearly as long as they’ve been a band. But their first tours came in the early-to mid 200s.with a reported 8 concerts played between 2000-2006. This includes a period in 2006 when Sabaton toured in support of Edguy and DragonForce. This tour may have led to Sabaton’s close relationship with Dragonforce as Sabaton often toured to support Dragonforce. For instance, after their Bloodstock performance, Sabaton went on tour with DragonForce for eighteen shows in the UK.

But it wasn’t just Dragonforce, they supported, as 2009 saw the band touring Europe as the opening act for HammerFall.

The 2010s saw Sabaton at some of their busiest, with the band layering an average of 70 -100 concerts per year. Which set a high standard and expectation for the band. But in 2017, during an interview, it was revealed that the band would tour less in 2018 so they could focus on writing and recording new music.

This slow period lasted for the next few years, with the band performing an average of 30-45 concerts per year, excluding 2020 and 2021 where many of their concert dates were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But the band did manage to come out with 49 concerts played and planned for 2022 and 10 concerts scheduled for 2023.