Are you a new fan looking to catch up with Sabaton’s work? Or maybe you want to add some hot music to your metal playlists. Then here’s our list of Sabaton’s greatest work.

We have to start our list with “Ghost Division”. This song often starts many of Sabaton’s concerts. It has an incredibly powerful melody. Some of the band’s strongest voice work, and is aggressive enough to get a crowd cheering without fail. You haven’t heard Sabaton if you haven’t heard this one.

Next, be sure to take a listen to “The Last Stand”. The song starts off with some excellent instrumentality before it leads into powerful lyrics of soldiers facing their toughest challenge yet. It’s a song that celebrates soldiers who find it in themselves to stand up against the odds to make one last stand.

Finally, we have to give credit to “Night Witches” which tells the story of 261 women Russian soldiers who flew in battle during World War II. The song celebrates some of the most badass fighter pilots in history with some powerful lyrics and thrilling guitar work.